Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre

With submissions open until 17 February 2017, the Western Australian Planning Commission would like to hear your thoughts on the draft Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre Structure Plan.

The draft has been prepared to provide guidance for futher planning and development of the activity centre. It will promote an urbanised environment with improved amenity and increased mix of land uses. 

Bentley-Curtin will be an attractive choice for education, employment and living with convenient locations close to places of employment and education. 

The plan includes proposals to

- continue expanding on the State's science, research, technology and innovation.

- make better use of vacant and underutilised land close to central Perth

- facilitate opportunities to live close to work

- be a more sustainable and diverse centre with links to efficient public transport. 

The activity centre is located approximately 6km south east of central Perth. It is 1 of 5 specialised activity centres identified in the WAPC draft Perth and Peel @35million suite of documents. The Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre is an employment centre based around education, innovation, technology and research. 

Draft Bentley-Curtin Structure Plan Sections 1 - 6 viewed here



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