Transport @ 3.5 Million

The State Government's Transport @ 3.5 Million, sets the vision for a generational change to Perth's transport network. It was released on 29th July 2016. It provides a long term plan for transport infrastructure and considers how we can use the transport network more efficiently as Perth's population approaches 3.5 million and beyond. Comments on the draft are invited.

The plan comprises a number of components, looking at how transport will evolve to cater for Perth when the population reaches 3.5 million, within approximately 30 years based on current projections. 

The plan has a number of components, including roads, freight, public transport and cycling.  It is supported by a number of technical reports.

The Transport @ 3.5 million forms a component of the broader 'Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million' project (link here), that is being considered by the WAPC. 

It is availalbe for public review and comment until 5pm on the 28th October 2016.

The plan, and the associated reports, are availalbve in full from this link at the Department of Transport website.

Draft Development Control Policy 2.2- Residential Subdivision

Changes have been made to the Development Control Policy 2.2 - Residential Subdivision and the WAPC is asking for public comment.

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Whiteman Park Strategic Plan

The final Whiteman Park Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021 is now available to view. The plan will guide the future of Whiteman Park, defining the park's role, activities and boundaries.

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WA Coastal Awards for Excellence

Nominations are now open for the 2017 WA Coastal Awards for Excellence. Nominations can be for community groups, organisations or individuals.

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