Community Consultation – Merit and Approach

Community Consultation  These days everybody has an expectation to be consulted, yet there is a difference between public participation and community consultation in planning.    The requirement for community consultation is enshrined in planning legislation as well as State Planning policy and planning regulations. This establishes a requirement that it be done, however the quality of […]

What do new planning and development reforms mean for WA?

The State Government is in the final stages of implementing regulatory changes that will have a major impact on planning and development in Western Australia. According to the State Government, the reforms are designed to streamline the planning system and make the process easier to navigate. Today, we’ll be delving into what the proposed changes […]

How La Niña impacts WA coastline

The Bureau of Meteorology recently declared that Australia is officially experiencing its third La Niña this summer. This relatively rare climate event is typically marked by increased rainfall and flooding risks, as well as cooler daytime temperatures. Although the Eastern States of Australia have been hit the hardest, Western Australia is still experiencing the effects […]

Coastal mapping for Shire of Gingin and Department of Transport

The Shire of Gingin engaged Land Insights to capture aerial imagery of the coastline from Seabird to Ledge Point to Lancelin. The project objective was to monitor coastal dunes in the area, to better understand how they responded to changes in the seasons, including storm events. The aerial data we collected and processed would be […]

What you need to know about WA’s first 20-year infrastructure Strategy

Last month a 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy (the ‘Strategy’) for Western Australia was tabled in Parliament. The long-term infrastructure plan titled, ‘Foundations for a stronger tomorrow‘, is the first of its kind in WA. Premier Mark McGowan said the Strategy will be critical to planning, managing and delivering infrastructure over the next two decades. “The […]

Outdoor rotational piggeries in WA under DWER spotlight

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is currently looking into whether outdoor rotational piggeries, which have grown beyond a particular scope, should be licensed in WA. Existing outdoor rotational and those in proposal phase are under the spotlight.

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