In-house mapping and GIS solutions.

Including visual information that paints a complete picture of a potential development, assists council members with visualising your future plans. This strengthens your application, by putting council members at ease about possible issues that may result from development.

Mapping is an integral part of the planning, environmental and development industries. High quality, clear and professional plans make a difference to how applications are received by the local government, and other regulators.

How we help

Land Insights conducts mapping and GIS services for clients across WA. These services complement many of the planning, development and environmental solutions we deliver, by providing in-depth data and a more-complete picture of your site.

Mapping and GIS is typically used for:

  • Designing subdivisions and developments
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Map production
  • Analysis and data interrogation
  • 3D models.

Experienced mapping and GIS

The mapping and GIS support we provide covers two key areas:

1. Drafting with CAD: For detailed design work, including structure planning and subdivision.

2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS): For more strategic projects, where data collection, database interrogation, analysis and presentation is required. The system we recommend depends on the scope of your project, and your specific requirements. Technology and workflows in this space move rapidly, which is why we invest heavily in industry-standard mapping packages, such as AutoCAD Map and ArcGISPro.

We also use in-house UAVs to facilitate our planning and environmental work. These drones capture, analyse and present data, which may otherwise be unavailable or out-of-date.

Latest software and tech

Over the past decade, we have seen mapping and GIS technology evolve rapidly. Today, we maintain state-of-the-art equipment, which we use to gather critical data for many of the projects we work on.

Our equipment includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, which take aerial photography for use in our mapping programs, and capture contours and elevations of terrain. These photographs add significant value to approval applications and are a useful monitoring tool.

The software we use to operate our mapping equipment is just as important as the technology itself. We use the latest AutoCAD Map 3D and GIS Pro software for the majority of our projects.

UAV (drone) mapping

Over the past five years we have integrated UAVs into our data capture process. This is particularly useful in rural areas, where existing aerial photography may be significantly out of date.

These UAVs are able to capture extremely high definition aerial photographs, contours, slope and other data that may be required for a project. Our UAV operator is a CASA-approved UAV Remote Pilot.

Get started

For more information on our mapping and GIS solutions, please get in touch.

We can provide recommendations based on your requirements, and we have the flexibility to tailor our services to align with your goals and budget.

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