Environmental licensing, environmental impact assessment and compliance for agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors.

An industrial premises with the potential for off-site emissions and discharges into the air, land or water is a ‘prescribed premises’, governed under Environmental Protection Regulations 1987.

This means every prescribed premises must hold a valid registration or licence, which eventually must be renewed. When renewing a licence, new requirements often need to be navigated, as a result of changes in Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) policy.

Work approvals for new works must be prepared in a prescribed format and need to include certain information. Licences often require monitoring and other record-keeping, as well as quarterly or annual reports, which all takes considerable time.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Significant projects may require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the Environmental Protection Authority.  The level of assessment is often set based on the complexity of the project, the potential for environmental degradation and the proposed environmental management actions proposed by a proponent. 

The EIA process can be complex and lengthy, with specific information required at various stages of the assessment to ensure the EPA has the required information to make an informed decision. 

How we help

Land Insights assists clients in WA with meeting their environmental licensing and compliance requirements. We work primarily with clients in the intensive agricultural and food manufacturing sectors. However, we have the capabilities to support a cross-section of industries.

Our licensing, compliance and EIA services include:

  • New licences
  • Licence renewals
  • Licence amendments
  • Liaising with regulators regarding licence conditions
  • Monitoring (if required as part of a licence condition)
  • Annual reporting
  • Environmental Impact Statements and managing the EIA Process

Licensing and compliance for agriculture

A significant component of the licensing and compliance work that we do is within the intensive agricultural sector. This includes meat and livestock, horticulture, premium foods, beverages, dairy and aquaculture, as well as other clients in the agricultural space.

New licences, renewals and amendments

We have the capabilities to handle new works approvals and licence applications, as well as renewals and amendments to existing licences. This experience includes liaising with regulators regarding draft licence conditions on your behalf.

Industry regulation via DWER

We ensure your operation complies with DWER requirements, and have worked with this body for many years. Our team has an in depth understanding of what is needed to meet DWER regulations, and we can guide you through meeting their standards.

Ongoing support

In some cases, monitoring and reporting are requirements of licence conditions. Our team can perform these services for you, to ensure you meet the requisite standards of your licence. We can also handle annual reporting requirements for your operation. Many of our clients take advantage of these services to reduce compliance concerns, which allows them to reinvest their time and resources where they matter most.

Get started

For more detailed information about our licensing, compliance and EIA solutions, please contact us.

We are happy to discuss your requirements, and provide recommendations based on the needs of your operation.

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