Development and environmental approvals for renewables projects.

Renewable energy is a growing market, which is only likely to continue expanding. When renewable energy projects are permitted by the state, there’s typically a socio-economic benefit. But only when local amenities and environmental concerns are taken into consideration.

Renewable energy systems typical to WA include solar arrays and wind turbines, as well as hydroelectric, wave driven systems, and geothermal and biogas systems. These tend to be major projects, which involve significant capital outlay and detailed proposal development.

Most significant renewable energy projects require approval from the Development Assessment Panel, while certain applications may also require an Environmental Impact Assessment through the EPA.

How we help

Land Insights assists in the preparation and project management of Development and Environmental applications for the renewables sector.

The solutions we provide to the renewables sector include:

  • Preparing development applications
  • Environmental approvals
  • Liaising and negotiating with regulators.

Preparing development applications

A core part of the work that we do includes preparing development applications for local government, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the Development Assessment Panel (DAP).

We take the time to understand what you’re seeking to achieve with your project, and use this information to develop a detailed and effective development application. Our team has many years of experience working with local government, WAPC and JDAP, and understand what is required for a successful development approval. 

Environmental approvals

We handle environmental approvals, including clearing permits, environmental impact assessment and approvals that fall under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC). Our team includes environmental scientists and experts with the knowledge and practical experience to handle approvals on your behalf.

Liaising and negotiating with regulators

We have long-standing relationships with regulators in WA, which we have built over the past 19 years. A large part of the approvals process includes liaising and negotiating with regulators across the local government, DAP and Environmental spheres. Our team has the experience and skills to communicate with regulators and effectively advocate for your needs.

Case study: Approval for largest solar farm in WA

Our renewables team was successful in securing development (planning) approvals and environmental approvals for the largest solar farm in Western Australia, located in Merredin.

This process involved spending time with our client to fully understand their proposed development. We then prepared a detailed Development Application. This included technical documents on environmental management, traffic, fire management, visual impact, decommissioning and rehabilitation.

EPBC and Clearing Permit applications were submitted, as well as subsequent applications to modify the proposal. As part of this process, we worked closely with the relevant regulators, while managing the approvals process. Once approval was received, we provided post-approval reporting to ensure ongoing compliance conditions were satisfied.

Get started

If you’d like support with development and environmental approvals for your renewable project, please get in touch.

We have the capabilities to tailor an approach that matches your budget and needs.

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