Tailored planning, environmental and compliance solutions for clients in regional and metro WA.

Our clients typically fall into three categories:

1. They are specialists in what they do

Whether that be in mining, agriculture or renewables. We work with these clients in a seamless and unobtrusive manner to ensure the increasingly complex tasks of obtaining planning and environmental approvals are achieved in a timely manner. Afterwards, we ensure ongoing compliance requirements
are met.

2. They are local governments

Seeking our expertise and assistance in the preparation of strategic land use plans, environmental plans and coastal management strategies or plans.

3. They are developers

Who have grand plans for a parcel of land and require specialist planning and environmental advice to achieve their vision.

In essence, our job is to support you, and we do so in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.

Mining and Quarries | Extractive industry

A core part of what we do is assisting the mining and extractive industry with site feasibility studies, statutory approvals, compliance, reporting and environmental impact assessment and environmental management. The majority of these solutions are delivered in-house, and where necessary, backed by specialised consultants who complement the work that we do.


Our clients include large scale agricultural operations, such as meat and livestock, horticulture, premium food and beverages, dairy, aquaculture and forestry. We deliver evidence-based solutions, crafted by an in-house team of experts and specialised agricultural consultants.


Our team is made up of skilled environmental scientists and consultants who specialise in the renewables sector. We secured planning and environmental approvals for the largest solar farm in WA, and have the capabilities to prepare approvals and handle compliance in this growing market.


We assist clients in the tourism sector, such as hotel, restaurant and pub owners who require support with approvals. Our integrated approach ensures all facets of your planning and development requirements are taken care of, from environmental considerations to compliance and reporting.


We understand how to support local government, with adaptable and realistic land use planning and environmental solutions. Our team has prepared  numerous strategic land use plans. We ensure recommendations are evidence-based and practical to implement.

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We take the time to understand your needs, and then develop a solution that aligns with your goals and budget. As a result, you can stay focused on the work that matters most to you, while we handle the approvals, planning and development process.

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