Overcoming planning and development challenges in the WA extractive industry

Over the past 20 years, we have seen businesses in the extractive industry face more and more red tape when it comes to securing planning and environmental approvals. Operators often require numerous approvals at local, state and Commonwealth levels, and regulations and compliance requirements are becoming increasingly onerous.

Principal Environmental Planner, Sharee Rasmussen, has been assisting our clients in the extractive industry for 16 years. Sharee’s expertise in environmental management and planning enables her to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients, no matter how complex their requirements may be.

We spoke with Sharee about the strategic solutions she develops for clients in the WA extractive industry.

Overcoming challenges

Most planning and development work within the extractive industry involves a high degree of complexity. There are often multiple applications being submitted at different times to different authorities, which need to be handled just the right way.

Sharee says that one of the biggest challenges with extractive industry work is addressing amenity impacts. This includes things like traffic, dust, noise, visuals and community concerns.

“The Development Application for the City of Swan also went to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for mediation between the applicant and the City of Swan, prior to approval being obtained,” Sharee says.

A joint approach

Sharee worked with her client through every stage of the approvals process.

“This included preparing the application and management plans, liaising with assessment agencies and working through comments and concerns from agencies and the community,” she says.

“I also attended the SAT and council meetings and reviewed the final approval.”

Working closely with clients allows Sharee to formulate the most effective solutions for them. Clients are expected to provide critical information when required, so Sharee can curate compelling applications that satisfy the authorities involved.

Supporting the WA extractive industry

When it comes to the extractive industry as a whole, Sharee is committed to doing what she can to streamline processes for operators in WA. As part of this, Sharee says her team is in constant communication with different operators.

“We discuss the different challenges to the industry and how we can make strategic decisions for the future,” she says.

“We are also constantly improving the content and presentation of our environmental risk assessments and management plans to keep up to date with industry best practice and community expectations.”

Need support with an extractive industry matter?

We deliver strategic solutions for clients in the extractive industry, including planning approvals, clearing permits, environmental impact assessments and any other approvals that you may require.

Sharee and our term have successfully assisted many operators in the WA extractive industry. We do this by taking care of every facet of the planning and approvals process, and liaising with key decision makers to ensure your applications have every chance of success.

We can also assist with ongoing compliance requirements and reviews, so you can stay focused on the work that matters to you. Get in touch to find out more.

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