Babbage & Whitlock Islands Structure Plan


Shire of Carnarvon


Babbage Island, Western Australia 6701

Start date:


End date:


Type of work:

Local Government

In 2013, land Insights was commissioned by the Shire of Carnarvon to prepare a Structure Plan for Babbage and Whitlock Islands to guide planning and development over a 15-year period. Babbage and Whitlock Islands are situated off the coast at the Carnarvon townsite. The islands have been identified by the Shire as a significant opportunity for future development for high-end residential land, tourist, recreation and heritage sites and conservation of important environmental areas.

Land Insights worked with the Shire of Carnarvon and other stakeholders to consider and provide guidance on existing land use, access, infrastructure and the most appropriate future uses.

The Structure Plan was adopted by both the Shire of Carnarvon Council and the WAPC and remains the guide for the future use and development of the site

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