Shire of Esperance Coastal Management Plan


Shire of Esperance


Chadwick, Western Australia 6450

Start date:


Type of work:

Coastal Management Planning

The Shire of Esperance commissioned Land Insights to prepare a new Coastal Management Plan for the Shire-managed coastline, stretching from Munglinup Beach to Israelite Bay.

The aims of the Coastal Management Plan were to provide a framework for:

  • Management and protection of the Shire’s coastal reserves in a sustainable manner so that they can be enjoyed by future generations
  • Protection and enhancement of the Esperance coastal and marine environment
  • Equitable, safe and sustainable recreational uses •• Increasing community awareness of coastal and marine management issues and encourage a sense of ownership
  • Encouraging successful relationships between the community and the Shire to continue in the future to allow for better coastal management.
  • Planning for future coastal industry, urban growth and tourism.

In preparing the Coastal Management Plan, Land Insights visited each beach location within the Shire and undertook a land use planning and environmental audit, and combined with usage data, prepared a range of prioritised recommendations for the Shire to consider over a ten-year period. The Coastal Management Plan was adopted by Council and continues to guide coastal management within the Shire.

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