Gascoyne Local Government Coastal Planning Study




Denham, Western Australia 6537

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Coastal Management Planning

Land Insights and Seashore Engineering were commissioned by the Department of Planning to undertake the Mid-West and Gascoyne Coastal Planning Studies in 2013.  The purpose of the studies was to provide valuable input into the strategic planning of coastal areas for the Mid-West and Gascoyne planning regions and to provide support for local government planning.  It involved a review of the environmental, social and economic characteristics of each planning region. 

The Mid West Region included the Shires of Coorow, Carnamah, Irwin, Chapman Valley and Northampton and the City of Greater Geraldton.  The Gascoyne Local Government Coastal Planning Study included the Shires of Shark Bay, Carnarvon and Exmouth.

The project was a follow on from the Mid-West/Gascoyne Planning and Infrastructure Frameworks which identified higher-level sites within the region.  The objective of the projects was to identify every coastal site within the region, including minor and day-use sites and to develop a hierarchy depending on use. 

Each coastal site in each planning region was identified to determine the issues and opportunities at a local, sub regional and regional level.  Opportunities for further land use and development were identified (i.e., those sites that are capable of expansion) and sites with issues and limitations for development were noted (i.e., sites that have reached the carrying capacity before environmental degradation or deterioration of social and economic values).

The Coastal Planning Studies were finalised and presented to the DPLH, and are used as an internal document to guide future coastal works.

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