Land Rationalisation Strategy


Shire of Dandaragan


Jurien Bay, Western Australia 6516

Start date:


Type of work:

Local Government

The Shire of Dandaragan has 157 separate landholdings, comprising 27 freehold lots and 130 reserves.  The Shire’s portfolio of freehold land and managed reserves dates back many decades, and while many of the original uses set aside for these landholdings are still appropriate, many are now surplus to needs.

Land Insights worked with the Shire to identify the most appropriate course of action for each land holding based on an assessment of its existing characteristics and potential prospects, whilst considering a range of factors including existing social concerns, development potential, economic value, environmental features and surrounding land uses.

In undertaking the project, Land Insights created a GIS database of all relevant land parcels and undertook a review of each against a set of developed criteria, resulting in a recommendation for Council.

The Land Rationalisation Strategy was adopted by Council in 2020.

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