Midland Brick Muchea Clay Quarry


Midland Brick


Muchea, Western Australia 6501

Start date:


End date:


Type of work:

Extractive Industry

Midland Brick operates several quarries in Muchea. The largest Muchea quarry had been in use for some years and had been partly rehabilitated.  Approval on this quarry were expiring, and Land Insights was commissioned by Midland Brick to obtain new Development (Planning) approval and an Extractive Industry Licence from the Shire of Chittering.  After we commenced the project, it became apparent that a Clearing Permit application and EPBC referral were also required.

Land Insights prepared all relevant planning/EIL documentation to submit to the Shire of Chittering, and managed the preparation of specialist reports in Traffic, Flora/Fauna and Bushfire Management. 

In addition, Land Insights prepared a Clearing Permit Application, and made a referral to the DAWE under the EPBC Act. 

All approvals were received, and Land Insights assisted Midland Brick in the clearance of conditions such as environmental management plans and the arranging of rehabilitation bonds.

The site is now operational.

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