Shire of Northampton Coastal Management Strategy


Shire of Northampton


Gregory, Western Australia 6535

Start date:


End date:


Type of work:

Coastal Management Planning

Land Insights and Seashore Engineering were commissioned by the Shire of Northampton to prepare a Coastal Management Strategy for the Shire’s coast.

Land Insights worked with the Shire to develop a detailed strategy, which focused on coastal management, environmental protection, equitable access, camping opportunities and a range of other issues issues, with some consideration also given to coastal processes in the Port Gregory townsite that had resulted in the town’s jetty being landlocked.

As part of the project a community survey was circulated, and two Community Information Sessions were held.

The Strategy identified a range of Actions for consideration by the Shire at a Shire-wise level, and more specific Actions for specific locations. The final document has been adopted by the Shire of Northampton with support from the DPLH.

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