Austral Bricks Coolup Clay Quarry


Austral Bricks


West Coolup, Western Australia 6214

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Extractive Industry, Mapping & GIS

Austral Bricks had a medium sized quarry in Coolup, providing an unusual clay that was required in the manufacture of certain brick products.  The site was different to many quarry sites, as it was located on the lower sections of the Swan Coastal Plain, on relatively flat land.  The quarry had a life of approximately 5 years.

Land Insights worked with Austral Bricks to obtain Development (Planning) Approval and an Extractive Industry Licence for the quarry.  This included a detailed Environmental Management Plan, and considered water management and drainage on the site, along with a detailed Rehabilitation Plan that was to be implemented at the cessation of quarrying activity.

Relevant approvals were obtained from the Shire of Murray, and the quarrying activity took place in accordance with the approvals over a period of years.  Following quarrying, the site was rehabilitated to the satisfaction of the Shire.

Once rehabilitation was complete, Austral Bricks sought to implement a Mine Closure Plan for the site.  To assist in this process, Land Insights undertook detailed UAV Surveying of the site to assist in final mine closure procedures.

The site has now been fully rehabilitated and closed.

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