Shire of Ravensthorpe Local Planning Strategy


Shire of Ravensthorpe


Ravensthorpe, Western Australia 6346

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Local Government

In October 2007 Land Insights was appointed by the Shire of Ravensthorpe to undertake a detailed review of their existing Local Planning Strategy. This review was instigated by the confirmation that BHP Billiton would begin operations of the Ravensthorpe Nickel Project which was expected to result in significant growth within the Shire, and more specifically within the townships of Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun. The information in the revised Local Planning Strategy was intended to help guide planning within the Shire for a 15-year period and provided recommendations for planning in the long term in response to the mining operation.

Land Insights worked closely with Data Analysis Australia to review the population and demographic information and to make population predictions for the future. Following news in 2009 of the unexpected closure of the mine, the population predictions underwent another revision, and the Local Planning Strategy was also amended to consider the different land use demand expected in the Shire.

The population forecasts were revised again in 2011 to consider the opening of new mines in the Shire. This in turn required a revision of the land use requirements and the Strategy maps.

The Local Planning Strategy in its final form was adopted by the WAPC and provides

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